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Infrared Thermography

The infrared camera allows our professional Thermographer to scan large areas of the roof from a distance. We can easily detect failures in low slope commercial and residential roof systems. Infrared roof inspections are fast and affordable, as they provide accurate observations of the condition of an existing roofing system. Infrared roof inspections are a non-contact and non-destructive testing method to determine active roof leaks.

How It Works

During the daytime, wet roof insulation absorbs much more solar heat than dry insulation. During the night, this “solar gain” is released as radiant heat, which is detectable with the infrared camera. Because of the difference, the “wet” areas will maintain heat energy longer than other areas, providing our Infrared Thermographer with a clear picture of the damaged areas. We provide a written report that includes infrared images and digital photos of each “anomaly” or fault found during our visit.

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